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January 30, 2020



Spice Board was constituted on 26th February, 1987 under the Spice Board Act, 1986 with the merger of Cardamom Board (1968) and Spices Export Promotion Council (1960).

Spices Board is one of the five Commodity Boards functioning under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. It is an autonomous body responsible for the export promotion of the 52 scheduled spices and development of Cardamom (Small & Large).

Functions of Spice Board of India

  1. Research, Development, and Regulation of domestic marketing of Small & Large Cardamom
  2. Post-harvest improvement of all spices
  3. Promotion of organic production, processing and certification of spices
  4. Development of spices in the North East
  5. Provision of quality evaluation services
  6. Export promotion of all spices through support for:-
    • Technology upgradation.
    • Quality upgradation
    • Brand promotion
    • Research & product development

The Schedule 2 (List of Spices Mentioned in the Spice Board Act)

1. Cardamom


2. Pepper


3. Chilly


4. Ginger


5. Turmeric


6. Coriander


7. Cumin


8. Fennel


9. Fenugreek


10. Celery


11. Aniseed


12. Bishopsweed


13. Caraway


14. Dill


15. Cinnamon


16. Cassia


17. Garlic 18. Curry leaf  

19. Kokam



20. Mint


21. Mustard


22. Parsley


23. Pomegranate seed


24. Saffron


25. Vanilla


26. Tejpata


27. Pepper long


28. Star Anise


29. Sweet flag


30. Greater Galanga


31. Horse-raddish


32. Caper


33. Clove


34. Asafoetida


35. Cambodge


36. Hyssop


37. Juniper berry


38. Bay leaf


39. Lovage


40. Marjoram


41. Nutmeg


42. Mace


43. Basil


44. Poppy Seed


45. All-Spice


46. Rosemary


47. Sage


48. Savory


49. Thyme


50. Oregano


51. Tarragon


52. Tamarind


In any form including curry powders, spice oil, oleoresins and other mixtures where spice content is predominant

Pre-requisites for Online Registration:-

Before filling the online form, please ensure that the registration fee is remitted in the bank by NEFT.

Schedule of Fee

Fee Type Manufacturer Merchant

New Registration Fee






GST @ 18%






Total Fee





Pre-requisites for Registration:-

  1. Valid IE Code issued by DGFT
  2. The Registration fees shall be remitted through NEFT.
  3. Valid Email ID and Mobile number.

The process of online submission of application for Registration as Exporter of Spices is divided into 3 parts.

  • Part I & II: Online data entry of details by the firm applying for Registration.
  • Part III:- After completion of Part I & II, please generate a hard copy of the application from the Online System, Sign and Seal at the appropriate place and forward it to the Concerned Designated Offices of the Board in the concerned Region along with relevant documents and checklist within 7-10 days from the date of completion of the online submission of the application.

For the exporters located in Kerala, the application documents may be forwarded to the Director (Mktg), Spices Board, Sugandha Bhavan, N H By Pass, Palarivattom P.O, Kochi-682025.

Documents Required to Obtaining The Certificate of Registration as an Exporter of Spices In India:

  • Application in the prescribed form (Form-1)
  • Self-attested copy of IE (import-export) code certificate
  • Registration fee in the form of crossed Demand Draft favoring “spice board&request;.
  • Confidential bank certificate in prescribed format in deal cover from banker in support of your financial status
  • Self-certified copy of Partnership deed/ Memorandum and Articles of Association as the case may be.
  • Self-certified copied of GST registration certificate.
  • Self-attested certificate issued by directorate of industries in case of manufacturer-exporter of spices.
  • Self-certified copy of PAN card
  • Passport size photo with white background of CEO or the designated officer of your firm.

For further information and queries, please feel free to contact us through the link mentioned herein i.e.

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